Learn about your past, present and future with a DNA test from 23andMe.

Order your kit today and find out about your ancestry, traits and health. Discover who else shares your DNA worldwide. Learn how your genes impact your life choices. And how your genetics make you susceptible to certain diseases.

FDA Ok’d

With thumbs up from the FDA, you can now change your choices by learning health and genetic information by taking 23andMe DNA test from.

Before you buy

Make sure you are fully aware about what 23andMe Ancestry and Health service does and finds before purchasing.


Get in with the process and check 23andMe online if you need help with any step.

Before spitting into the tube make sure you haven’t had  food or drink in the last 30 minutes.  Now, you can proceed to spit, close funnel, detach funnel and screw on cap.  You’re ready to seal in the bag.

Not done just yet..

STOP you need to register the kit before sending in the mail. Now  await the results…get ready to unlock your future with learning about your past and present. In about 6-8 weeks you’ll receive an inbox email with “Your report is ready.”

Stay informed

Check your sample’s status in your 23andMe account online. You can also get a more information about certain topics about 23andMe services.

Unveiling the results

Open alone or with company and be ready for a possible surprise..

Ancestry – Who are you, where did you come from?

OK so you find out you’re 99% European – Norwegian, Icelandic, and Scottish — maybe not too surprising. And 1% Saharan African..

Neanderthal ancestry?

Dig deeper maybe you have Neanderthal Ancestry. Chances are you don’t know what this means and need more clarification. Visit 23andMe and find answers.


You confirm your possessed traits. 80% of having brown hair, 60% of having hazel eyes, 60% chance of having dark skin.

Interestingly you find out caffeine and spicy food really mess up your mood. Now you know why you get so crabby after having these kinds of foods.


The report calms your biggest fears, you are not a diabetes or cancer carrier, since it runs in your family. But unfortunately, you have 25% chances to be a carrier Parkinson’s disease.

Spread the word

Share your results with others and let them discover the unthinkable of your 23andMe DNA results.

Give your consent and opt in DNA Relatives

Learn about your unknown family. Connect with third cousins and even first ones with the help of this feature.

Embracing your new heritage

With a database of more than two million you can be assured your relatives number will grow. Might even get emails from a fifth cousin  somewhere in Cape Cod.

Still have questions?

Get in contact with 23andMe and let them assist you in providing answers or guide you to right sources.

23andMe mission

To help you find what your genes hide and understand how it relates to your ancestry and health.

Don’t think too much, find out what your future holds and order a kit for $199 at 23andMe today.

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